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Whether you are thinking about owning in downtown or already do, these are the top 5 reasons why owning an inner city townhouse is a great investment in today’s real estate market.

1. Affordability

Attached homes in downtown Calgary are an amazing alternative to detached living, especially in Calgary’s inner city. At a fraction of the price for a detached home, buyers can find more value dollar for dollar on a spacious townhome. On the flipside, long-term investments in Calgary’s city center have a massive potential for appreciation. Without spending a fortune on a detached home, or being adversely affected by the oversaturation of apartment real estate, townhome owners are living best of both worlds

2. Maintenance Free Lifestyle


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Our favorite topic of the day/week/month/year/decade... Calgary’s Green Line project has some new updates! Don’t get exited just yet, as we said before and we will say again, nothing is ever set in stone.     Today’s news comes straight from city council. On Tuesday, council passed a vote 12-3 approving the green line route and stations despite raised concerns with project costs and funding. Mac Logan, the city’s general manager of transportation stating “This line will shape the city for over a century. I’m absolutely sure of that.”   What’s next? Ward 12 Councillor, Shane Keating, claims the province was waiting for this vote before making any commitments to help fund the project. With Nenshi claiming that indicators from the province…
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“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost” is the new 3 R’s of recycling some of us learned in our early years of school. In an effort to achieve city council’s goal of keeping 70% of materials of out of city landfills by 2025, the City of Calgary has launched the Green Cart program city-wide. Starting earlier this month and completing by the end of August 2017, single-family homes across the city will receive their new, full-sized Green Cart. Residents will receive everything they need including: Green Cart, kitchen pail, starter supply of compostable and paper yard waste bags, as well as instruction guide and collection schedule.

Rolling out this program means an estimated 85 million kilograms of food and yard waste will be kept out of landfills every

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It's an age old, futile debate- Calgary or Edmonton? We decided to make our own comparison based on 4 factors: weather, nature, urban life, and housing market.



Calgary, while claiming to be a moderate climate, has about 8 months of winter per year. The summer months can be lovely, but they’re short lived comparing to our neighbours in BC or our Ontarian companions out East. BUT, who can forget Leonardo DiCaprio's infamous shock and awe upon his discovery of chinooks.


Edmonton, in the Winter months especially, is cold. There’s no skirting around that one. And unlike Calgary, you don’t get a break from the relentless sting of Jack Frost via lovely, warm chinooks. Even their football team is called "The Edmonton

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I’ve often walked into the room of a dark, unfamiliar space and done the Light Dance. This dance occurs when your vision is compromised by the dark, your legs are still planted in the lighted hallway, and your hand is pawing at the wall until you find the light switch. I’m sure I’m not the only one to have done this particular dance, and often this happens from a lack of thoughtful design. Thoughtful design focuses on all aspects of a space. From the way the furniture is arranged, to the small details- like the accessibility of a light switch- thoughtful design is the impetus for the creation of the feeling that home buyers are after. In other words, thoughtful design is the key to selling livability.

Each fixture, placement, and architectural

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When looking at homes the kitchen is always a hot spot. A well done kitchen increases value and persuades many Buyers. However, there are a few key factors to look for with regards to kitchens.

  1. Appliances – If the appliances are out of date expect renovations going toward the kitchen. Another issue that arises is the stove, some people prefer gas and some electric. If you do receive a stove you dislike or unfashionable appliances, expect some work to be done and some money to be spent. To keep the kitchen modern you need to look for appliances that are built in. Keep in mind you will want space around the appliances so you have room to get down to business.
  2. Natural Light – Nowadays we feel natural light is in high demand. A kitchen with white
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Looking to be festive this upcoming holiday season? Wanting to go all out with decorations? Have you ever wondered if there are any rules or bylaws to how much you can really do? It’s that time of year again. The time to take out your Christmas lights, go caroling and turn on a Christmas movie. But before you go all out this holiday season, lets make sure you're following the rules.

Those living in detached homes and townhomes have much more freedom then those in condominiums. This is because they pay their own power bills and get more rights to their land. So before you go all out with decorations for your condominium make sure to check your condos bylaws, rules and declarations.

Condos usually have restrictions in place to make sure no damage

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Humans are very diverse; we have different abilities, sizes and preferences. With this in mind why is our environment catered to what we call the “average person”. With the correct rules and bylaws we can enable everyone to be successful and have no obstacles in their way. When building do it the right way so all people are abled for easy access to all they need. “In the past, design professionals may not have realized that when a disability meets a barrier, it creates a handicap” – George Covington

The Minimum Requirements:

Accessible Building Entrance

There has to be one or more entrance to the building on an accessible route. Clear of any obstruction and has to be continuous so someone in wheelchair can navigate it easily. If person has

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Are you new to the area? Do you need to brush up on your by-laws? If you’re looking for information about these responsibilities as a neighbor, follow our guide. The topics today are trees, fences and noise by-laws.

When planting trees there are a few guidelines you need to follow. Hedges, tree and shrubs must be trimmed at all times to a level where they don’t interfere with cars or pedestrians accessing the road or sidewalks. However there are bylaws regarding city trees. The bylaw prohibits cutting, removing, pruning or moving any city trees. Removing or penetrating the bark or attaching any object to a city tree is not allowed. Planting trees or shrubs on city land, spraying trees with any substance other than water is also an offense. Further

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Basement Rules, Measurements

A legal basement bedroom must have at least one window leading to the outside that can be opened from the inside without any tools, keys or special knowledge. These windows must be large enough for an individual to escape from a fire and to accommodate fire personnel and their protective gear. The window opening must have at least 0.35m2 (3.77 ft2 or 543 square inches) of unobstructed space and not be less than 380 mm (15 inches) on any side.

It must also have the ability to remain fully open at the 90-degree position without any support and an individual must be able to open the window without removing any sashes or hardware. Security bars can be present so long as they can be opened from the inside without any special tools or knowledge.


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